28 de agosto de 2012

MUSE 2012: "The 2nd Law"

"The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" (single)
[Álbum 6: The 2nd Law ]: SURVIVAL(single), MADNESS(single),....

Matthew Bellamy (vía Twitter):
- All natural and technological processes proceed in such a way that the availability of the remaining energy decreases. 
 -In all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves an isolated system, the entropy of that system increases. 
-Energy continuously flows from being concentrated, to becoming dispersed, spread out, wasted and useless. 
 - New energy cannot be created and high grade energy is being destroyed. An economy based on endless growth is...
- "The 2nd Law"(of thermodynamics)/ La segunda ley de la Termodinámica
- MUSE estrena nuevo álbum, "The 2nd Law", el 1 de octubre de 2012
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